Mobile Text Marketing for Small Businesses

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Mobile phone marketing is an excellent approach for you to connect back and forth with customers, but a majority of of local business owners make use of it as a uninteresting one-way conversation method. That's a big miscalculation! Mobile marketing and advertising is really an effortless way for you to connect to people rather than “sell” to your potential customers.

Welcome to  My name is Frank Sinsky and I help local businesses to get more clients or customers by making them visible and findable when people are searching for their products or services online and offline. I hope you enjoy this site.

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Why You Need Mobile Marketing

Have a look at the figures below.

  • 91% of cell phone users keep their phones with them all day
  • 97% of text messages sent are red
  • 2.5 billion text messages are sent every day in the US alone

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    We have available and affordable powerful plans for you.

    * Tex Message Marketing
    * Building list of clients and customers
    * Create a Mobile ready web sites
    * Creative Text Message Campaigns
    * Data Box Monitoring

    Can you see how powerful this can be? Imagine using this for your business.
    Here at Ferda we can help you get started right away!

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